Looking for a safe workout for yourself or a parent? You're never too old to workout and with the Travel Gym now you can get a full body workout in the comfort and safety of your own home.
Resistance training builds muscle mass and increases bone density, which are both very important yet often difficult to accomplish later in life. Resistance tubes provide a safe, effective and fun way to do both and the Travel Gym brings a one of a kind, revolutionary resistance tube workout to people of any age.

With the Travel Gym you get:
- unlimited range of motion with resistance tubes
- multiple, stackable levels of resistance ranging from 5 to 75lbs
- the durability of the highest quality latex tubes, superior to man-made TPE 
- simple, single point of attachment makes setup and removal quick and easy
- lightweight and portable resistance exercise device that goes anywhere you do 
- safe to use alone and fun to use with friends

The Travel Gym's patent pending design incorporates tube lengths custom designed for legs and tube lengths custom designed for arms. Custom lengths allow for perfect movements and quick, easy resistance changes. 

Workout with others or solo and enjoy the fun, effective exercises possibly only with the Travel Gym!