The O.C. Body Shaper & Corporate Wellness

Leading the Way to Financial and Physical Health

As a proactive part of your wellness program the O.C. Body Shaper can boost employee morale, boost productivity, decrease sick day absenteeism and decrease turnover. All of these things contribute to a healthier, happier, more successful workforce and workplace.

The effects of the O.C. Body Shaper can start a positive cycle that can carry over to an employee's home life. That positive cycle can continue to grow and improve the overall quality of life of its users.

The O.C. Body Shaper is proud to partner locally with Fitucate to provide you not only with a one of a kind, in office workout device but also with optional professional training on its use as well as varying levels of ongoing support and education. 

We have Corporate discounts available for companies of any size.

Contact us today for pricing to begin offering your employees a newfound outlook on life driven by their time at work.