A new era in fitness and health is here!

Exercise Made Easy in the Time & Space You Have

The O.C. (Office Chair) Body Shaper is a new revolution in fitness and health. Combining zero impact resistance tube workout with convenience and portability, the O.C. Body Shaper takes effective workouts outside of a gym to office spaces never before thought possible. 

Fight the negative mental and physical health effects of "sitting disease", energize yourself and improve your productivity and overall quality of life while you make the most of each day by working out at work.


Convenient and Efficient

Get your blood pumping right at your desk. Shape the body you want in the time you have at work. Make the most of your work day and leave work feeling better than you did when you walked in. Transform your life without spending any more time away from family and friends.

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Effective and Unobstrusive

In an office or call center the O.C. Body Shaper is out of the way, barely noticeable when not in use and takes up no floor space. All while providing a highly effective workout for people with a variety of fitness goals. 

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Physical or Occupational Therapy

A perfect fit for a PT or OT who is on the go or a in a hospital or clinical setting. Highly effective, easy to use, portable and highly cost effective . 

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